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When you need treatment fast, you can find and book it right here. Same day appointments or immediate walk-in attention at your local orthopedic center.

Is there same or next day availability at Urgent Care Orthopedic Near Me

Immediate medical facilities offer same or next day appointment booking as well as walk-in medical attention. If you are looking for a specialist at a local clinic, with a top provider, you can find and book a same day appointment right here, or walk-in and get the attention you need immediately.

Can I confirm insurance coverage before booking?

Or top-rated featured orthopedists accept all commonly used health insurances.

How do I make all my appointments online?

You can easily reserve your visit online directly through our website. Find a facility local to you. Make sure the provider you are interested in can offer you clinic hours that fit your schedule. Then confirm a clinician who fits all your health requirements and read reviews so you can go in-person feeling confident about your decisions.

Is there an Urgent Care Orthopedic Near Me with after-hours or weekend availability?

Most if not all ortho clinics are open 7 days a week with after-hours availability Monday-Friday. There are even many clinics with 24/7 availability to immediate ortho treatment. This includes Saturday and Sunday availability, usually with shortened in office hours.

Will a local orthopedist provide patients with a video visit?

Many specialists can offer patients a telemedicine visit for an initial evaluation of their injury. It is possible that your provider will require you to come into the office for an in-person appointment after your initial consultation. When it comes to coverage virtual video consultations are usually covered if the provider conducting the visit is also in-network with your insurance. You can filter your search result by entering practitioners offering telemedicine visits.

Should I use ice or heat on my injury?

Ice should be applied to the injured area in the acute stages which is usually within the first 24-48 hours. Ice reduces inflammation and swelling by decreasing blood flow to the area. Heat is typically used after the initial infliction of injury; it increases blood flow and aids in the healing process by delivering blood and nutrients to the area. Heat is also good to use before exercise or physical activity to lower the possibility of getting hurt. Heat should not be applied to fresh surgical incisions as it could make the incision bleed.

What medical services can an Urgent Care Orthopedic Near Me provide?

Most immediate ortho clinics offer an array of innovative musculoskeletal treatment including but not limited to:

  • Concussions
  • Sprains
  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Joint dislocations
  • Array of sports injuries
    1. Shoulder arthroscopy for rotator cuff tears, labral tears, or shoulder dislocations
      Knee arthroscopy for ACL and/or meniscal tears
      Cortisone injections
      ACL surgeries
      Specialized care for endurance athletes
      Minimally invasive surgery for chronic tendonitis
      Shoulder instability procedures
      Elbow tendon repair
      Patellofemoral joint instability

What are the usual treatment options for a concussion?

Concussions are a common sports ailment among patients who play contact sports. Concussions are caused due to the result of a trauma that causes the brain to smack against the front of the skull and then the back, causing inflammation in the brain. They can be mild to serious and if left untreated or a patient has recurring concussions, it could cause long term serious effects. Concussions can have long term effects; it is important to know the signs and symptoms.

  • Headaches
  • Problems with memory
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Fogginess
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Vision changed
  • Irritability
  • Changes in sleep behavior
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling overly emotional (more than usual)

Recovery of a concussion usually takes between 10-14 days but may depend on the circumstances and history of concussions.

What are the most common sports knee injuries?

Cortisone injections is an injectable steroid administered into synovial and soft tissues to help reduce the inflammation in these areas. It is not a pain reliever, but patients have experienced a relief in pain due to the reduction of inflammation. They are commonly used for conditions such as bursitis, arthritis, stiffness, and tendinitis. An epidural is also a steroid injection, but it is used to reduce the inflammation of spinal nerves. The epidural is administered to relieve neck, back, leg, and arm pain from various conditions that could be compressing nerves. It is injected directly into the spinal canal and sometimes patients need 2 or 3 injections before experiencing significant relief.

  • Fracture
  • Dislocation
  • Ligament injury
  • Meniscus tear
  • Tendon tear

Most common symptoms of an issue are pain and swelling, as well as problems moving the joint, feeling it lock up or “catch” as you try and bend it or straighten your leg. If your pain is due to overexertion a simple RICE technique is all you need, but sometimes surgery and physical therapy is needed for pain management.

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