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Can I book a telemedicine appointment with Family Practice Doctors Near Me?

Most providers offer patients the ability to do a telemedicine consultation/evaluation of their injury or illness. Only certain conditions can be treated completely virtually. Your provider may suggest you come into the office for proper treatment during your virtual evaluation.

Are there Family Practice Doctors Near Me with verified Google reviews?

Each featured doctor has verified Google reviews. You can confidently make your appointments online with a trusted medical professional. You can even choose to only see a physician who has 5-star ratings.

Are there Family Practice Doctors Near Me offering COVID diagnostic testing and vaccinations?

Most if not all clinicians can perform covid-19 diagnostic testing. This is the same for the covid-19 vaccination and booster shots. It is typical that rapid tests are used for individuals that are symptomatic while PCR testing is used for patients who are asymptomatic. Have your doctor test you for travel or clearance to go back to school or work. Whatever your testing needs are, you can access them with a top provider found here. Also inquire about your eligibility for the covid-19 booster shot.

Will I be able to make an appointment for the present or following day?

Our large database of physicians enables patients an abundance of availability, which means finding a same or next day appointment is easy.

Will I be able to book after-hours or weekend appointments?

Most physicians have extended evening hours Monday-Friday which caters to the typical working and school schedule. Only a select number of medical practices offer Saturday and Sunday availability. If you are looking for availability after 5pm during the week or anytime on the weekend, you can find it here.

What steps should I take to confirm my appointments online?

First, find a practitioner local to your home, office, or school. Next, locate the clinician who can offer office hours that fit with your schedule. Finally, narrow down your search by choosing a provider with the appropriate qualifications and confirm physician credibility by reading their verified Google reviews.

What is the difference between family medicine and internal medicine?

Both practitioners can take care of adults, but internal medicine doctors have training in primary medical care and many other specialties. They tend to be more involved in conditions affecting adults. Family providers have a broader training in medicine that allows them to treat both children and adults. They are an advocate for disease prevention and maintenance of mental a physical wellbeing.

Which medical services are offered by a primary physician?

General physicians provide many services to their patients. This could include but is not limited to …

  • Health screenings for a variety of cancers or illnesses
  • Annual physicals needed for schools, jobs, camps, or just your annual check up
  • Acute illnesses such as ear infections, sinus infections, or strep throat
  • Vaccinations
  • Referrals
  • Chronic illnesses that your clinician helps you manage

There are many illnesses that your doctor can help you manage:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Treatments after stroke
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • Arthritis
  • Psoriasis and other skin issues
  • Asthma and COPD

What resources can my practitioner offer me that will help me quit smoking?

For people who smoke tobacco, quitting can be extremely difficult. Intense urges usually pass within 5 to 10 minutes. There are many medications, habit changes, and resources out there that have helped many patients quit smoking.

  • Nicotine replacement therapy
    • Nicotine in a nasal spray or inhaler
    • Nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges
    • Prescription medication
  • Avoid smoking triggers such as stress and alcohol
  • Delay your craving if a craving begins give yourself a period of time before you give in
  • Use another form of oral fixation like chewing gum or sunflower seeds
  • Don’t fool yourself by having “just one” to control cravings.
  • Use physical activity to distract you. This will also help to release endorphins and get in shape while quitting
  • Call someone who can support you
  • Have a positive mantra about why you want to quit smoking and repeat it to yourself when you are having a craving.

What lifestyle changes can be made to lower blood pressure?

Most of the time high blood pressure can be fixed with proper lifestyle changes which include fixing your diet, increasing physical activity, and stopping smoking or drinking alcohol and/or caffeine. Sometimes even with lifestyle changes, hypertension needs to be treated with medication. Your physician can help you make the right changes to lower your blood pressure and speak to you about proper medication that may also help.

What pediatric care can a general physician provide?

Both are primary doctors; the only difference is a pediatrician only treats children and a general physician treats people of all ages which means you and your child can see the same doctor or your child can see the same doctor through their entire life. This is advantageous because your physician will know the history of all people living in the same household. This downside is they only treat children about 10% of the time when a pediatrician is constantly treating children. Because of this, many believe that pediatricians are more experienced in the medical care to our kids. But in all, both practitioners can provide quality treatment to our youth, it is your decision on which provider will better suit you and your children’s medical conditions.

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