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Find and book a same or next day appointment with a top provider at your local clinic. Or walk-in and experience the convenience of accessible and convenient medical care.

Are people usually able to find a same day appointment?

Most patients can book a same day appointment or walk-in to their local facility for immediate medical attention.

Will my insurance cover virtual appointments?

Most insurance companies will cover any services provided by a physician who is in-network. If there is any doubt in coverage, you may have to speak to your insurance company directly.

Is there a Family Clinic Near Me offering after-hours and weekend availability?

Most immediate med centers are open 7 days a week with extended evening hours as well as weekend availability. There are even many locations which are open 24/7 including weekends and holidays. When you need care for non-life-threatening injury and illness you can get immediate attention at your local med center.

Will a Family Clinic Near Me offer telemedicine visits?

Most providers can perform a virtual consultation to patients with minor injury or illness. This may include a minor rash, UTIs, ear infections, seasonal allergies, and a variety of other common ailments. Telemedicine is typically used as an evaluation, if your physician believes you need to come into the office for optimal treatment, you may have to.

Can I confirm insurance coverage before booking my appointment?

Our featured locations accept all commonly used health insurances.

What steps should I take to make my appointments online?

You can easily confirm appointments online directly through our website. Find a convenient location then make sure the center you are interested in can offer you hours that fit your schedule. Then choose the provider who fits all your medical requirements and read reviews so you can go in-person feeling confident about your healthcare decisions.

Will I be able to find Covid-19 diagnostic testing and vaccinations at my local medical office?

Many med centers now perform Covid-19 diagnostic testing to everyone. Most facilities have the rapid test for symptomatic individuals and the PCR for asymptomatic patients. You can also be tested for a safe return to school or to travel. The Covid-19 vaccination is only available at select locations for people of the appropriate age. Speak to your provider about their supply of the Covid vaccines as well as your eligibility for the booster shot.

Will I be able to get primary care at my local clinic?

An annual routine physical is an amazing way to prevent serious disease and stay on top of your mental and physical wellbeing. Most med centers do offer preventive medicine and primary care. At your routine wellness physical, your doctor will start by speaking to you about any new concerns or complaints you may have.

  • Discuss your personal history and ask you questions about your lifestyle and behaviors such as smoking, alcohol use, sexual health, and vaccination status.
  • Important vital signs will then be measured o Blood pressure will first be checked to rule out hypertension. Pressure is normal if it is below 120 over 80. Hypertension is considered when pressure is 130 over 80 (or higher than 80)
  • Heart rate Normal range is between 60 and 100.
  • Respiration rate Normal range is 12-16 breaths per minute. If you are breathing more than 20 times per minute, it could indicate a problem with the heart or lungs.
  • Temperature A normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius)
  • General appearance Your doctor can tell a lot about your health just by looking at the way you carry yourself, walk, talk, hue of the skin etc.
  • Heart exam The practitioner will use a stethoscope to listen to your heart and listen for any irregular beating patters.
  • Lung exam While the provider is listening to your heartbeat, they will also listen to the sounds your lungs make as your breath in and out. They listen for crackles, wheezing, or decreased breath sounds which might indicate heart or lung disease.

What is a nurse practitioner and why are they so important in in the health community?

Nurse practitioners have become an important part of the healthcare community. NPs are nurses who have completed a masters or doctoral program in advanced training beyond their degree as a registered nurse (RN). They participate in health forums, perform research, and apply their knowledge to medical practice. They offer quality care, which is cost-effective, NPs have a high patient satisfaction rating, and they can specialize in many different areas of medicine.

Will I have access to female reproductive care?

Yes. There are many locations with gynecology specialists on staff, they provide a long list of services for women in need of immediate attention for non-life-threatening illness or injury. Many locations even have an onsite laboratory for a variety of routine gynecological testing- providing rapid results for patients who need answers fast. Many gynecology specialists offer diagnosis and therapeutics for the following:

  • Pap smears
  • STD testing
  • Contraceptives
  • Sexual guidance/education
  • Pregnancy tests and counseling

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