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Do the best gynecologists near me offer after-hours or weekend availability?

Most doctors of gynecology do provide patients with after-hours availability from Monday-Friday. This is any appointment booked after 5 pm during the week. Only a few gynecology practices offer Saturday and Sunday hours which are usually shorter than the hours during the week. Our extensive network of practitioners makes finding the availability you need fast and easy.

Is the best gynecologist near me offering virtual appointments?

We have many featured specialists who do offer patients virtual visits. Virtual telemedicine visits are great for consultation or evaluation for minor injury or illness. If the practitioner conducting the appointment believes your condition is serious enough to be seen in office, they will let you know during your virtual visit. You can then easily book your in-person appointments immediately.

Is it possible to find a same or next day appointment?

With our extensive network of professionals, finding a same or next day appointment has never been easier. Most of our guests can locate availability within 24 hours of their initial search.

Will i be able to verify insurance coverage with the best gynecologist near me?

Our featured practitioners accept all commonly used health insurances.

How can i use your website to make all my appointments online?

You can easily confirm visits online directly through our website. Discover a practitioner who is local to you. Make sure the physician you are interested in can offer you clinic hours that fit your schedule. Then choose the clinician who fits all your medical requirements and read reviews so you can go in-person feeling confident about your decisions.

I am pregnant, should I get the covid-19 vaccination?

Many researchers believe it is imperative that pregnant women do receive the vaccine against Covid-19. When you are pregnant your immune system is compromised, putting you at risk for severe Covid-19 disease. Your gynecologist may have supply of the vaccination in-office. Speak to your doctor about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine during pregnancy.

What preventative measures should i take to ensure good reproductive wellness as i age?

As you age, your gynecological needs will change. We can help you secure a gynecological provider that provides personalized medicine to every situation.

Even if you are above 65 years old, it is still important to receive an annual checkup from a trusted gyno. There are a variety of things that could happen to the female reproductive system as we age, such as:

  • Early cancer diagnosis: cervical, uterine, ovarian, and breast cancer increase with age
  • Bladder and bowel dysfunction
  • Sexual dysfunction

Even if you are passed the family planning portion of your life, it is still important to see a specialist routinely. We can connect you with a provider that specializes in age related female reproductive issues.

Are there symptoms i should look out for that indicate issues of reproductive health?

There are many gynecological symptoms that could indicate there is a problem with any number of female hormones, fertility, menstruation, or all the above. Make sure you are listening to your body and see a provider if you experience any of the following symptoms.

  • Painful periods which could be caused by endometriosis or uterine fibroids (as well as other reasons)
  • Bad Odor of the vagina
  • Swelling Bumps in the genital region of the vagina
  • Discomfort when having sex
  • Incontinence
  • Low Sex drive
  • Excessive PMS
  • Contraceptives

Do not delay seeking medical attention due to a stigma that sexuality is embarrassing. Many women globally, suffer from the previously listed symptoms. You are not alone in the way you feel.

How do you perform a breast exam on yourself?

It is important to not only perform a self-breast exam at home but also go to your doctor of gynecology for routine screenings of both breast and cervical cancers. There are 5 steps that a women can take for an at home breast exam.

  • Start by looking in the mirror at your breasts with your shoulders back and your hands on your hips look for:
    • Breasts which are typical shape, size, and color
    • Evenly shaped without visible swelling
    • If you see dimpling, bulging skin; nipples that have changed positions; or redness, rash, and swelling then see your female health provider
  • Then raise your arms and look for the same changes
  • While looking in the mirror make sure there is no discharge from the nipples
  • Next, lay down and use your left hand to feel on the right and the right hand to feel on the left. Use your fingers to circle the entire area and try to do it in a pattern so you know you have covered the entire surface.
  • Repeat these feeling motions while then sitting or standing up, pay attention to any lumps or bumps that feel abnormal.

Is it considered discrimination if I would rather see a female doctor?

No. It is not discrimination, you can choose to see whatever doctor makes your feel most comfortable. It is normal for women to want to see a woman gynecology doctor for the feminine healthcare needs. When it comes to your health decisions, you call the shots.

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