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Do New York physicians have morning, evening, or weekend appointments?

With such a large database of physicians, you can find and choose the one who has the availability that works with your schedule. This includes morning, evening, or weekend appointments.

Is there a Doctor Near Me in Brooklyn, NYwith same or next day availability?

Having so many clinicians to decide from makes finding a same or next day appointment easy. Take full advantage of our extensive database of doctors and get fast, convenient, and exceptional care.

Can I be vaccinated and COVID tested by the same physician?

Most New York practitioners offer Covid-19 rapid and PCR testing. Rapid testing is usually offered to people that are symptomatic while PCR testing is used for asymptomatic individuals or people looking for a school, work, or travel clearance. The rapid test can produce results within 30 minutes of specimen collections, the PCR is usually sent out to a reference lab and for those reasons, the turnaround time is typically 72 hours. Only select locations have vaccination capabilities. Look for a clinician in your area that can treat all your covid-19 needs.

Can I choose a physician based on their personal characteristics?

Yes. You can decide which health professional would be best for you based on several reasons, including personal characteristics. Use the filter feature to narrow down you search and read verified reviews and ratings.

Will I be able to receive a virtual evaluation with a local practitioner?

Most practitioners offer patients an initial telemedicine consultation to decide if your condition can be treated virtually. Only minor injury or illness can be treated through telemedicine, such as: ear infections, colds, flus, UTIs, and minor dermatitis. Medical advice, follow-ups from a procedure of office visit, or certain prescriptions refills can also be completed virtually. The practitioner will discuss treatment options with you during your initial virtual evaluation.

Will I be able to read a verified review for each practitioner?

Yes. Each featured provider has a verified review and rating. You can also decide to only see a provider with positive ratings.

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