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Will i be able to book a same day appointment with a local physician?

We have so many high-quality featured medical providers that finding a same day availability becomes easy. Make an in-person or virtual visit with any of our top providers and get the care you need and deserve in timely manner.

Will i be able to make all doctor appointments completely online?

Making your appointments online has never been easier. Just enter your location to find practitioners in your area. Once you find the practitioner you are interested in, you can read their verified patient reviews and confirm they have availability that fits your schedule.

Are there best doctors near me with after-hours and weekend availability?

Many top-rated medical professionals offer extended evening hours Monday-Friday to help accommodate people who work well into the evening. Many providers also offer open clinic hours for shortened availability on the weekends. You should be able to find in-person or virtual visits conducted on Saturdays and Sunday with many featured practitioners.

Do most physicians offer virtual telemedicine visits?

Most if not all medical professionals now offer telemedicine visits. This helps limit patient to patient contact and easily see patient through the computer for their acute issues. If your injury or illness cannot be treated virtually, your provider will determine whether you need to come into the office during your virtual evaluation. Telemedicine visits are usually covered under your insurance if the provider conducting your visit is in-network. If there are any doubt in coverage speak to your carrier directly.

Can i verify insurance coverage before confirming with a medical professional?

Our top-rated featured physicians accepted all commonly used insurance plans.

Can i receive a covid-19 diagnostic test or vaccination at my local medical office?

Most practices do offer covid-19 Rapid or PCR diagnostic tests to patients who are symptomatic or believe they have been in contact with a positive person. Many featured physicians also have Covid-19 vaccinations and boosters available to their patients. Speak to your practitioner about scheduling your vaccination and discuss whether you qualify for a booster.

What type of physicians are available to book on best doctors near me?

There is a plethora of different clinicians that are available on our website. The following is an extensive list of physician specialists. This helps patients narrow down the practitioner they are looking for. Finding the practitioner who can take care of your concerns properly is imperative.

  • Primary Care Physician (PCP) – Depending on your insurance your PCP may need to write a referral to see another provider
  • Allergy and immunology -a Dr. that specializes in the immune reaction elicited by an allergic reaction
  • Dermatology– the study of the skin’s function and pathology
  • Obstetrics and gynecology (ObGyn) – pregnancy and female reproductive specialist
  • Pediatrician– provider for children
  • Urology– Urinary Tract Dr.
  • Ophthalmology – Treats disorders of the eye
  • Podiatrist– a Dr. who treats problems with the feet or lower leg including the ankle.
  • Oncology– Treatment of cancer
  • Cardiology – Dr. of the heart
  • Endocrinology– doctor of hormone and metabolism function
  • Gastroenterology– Gastrointestinal specialist
  • Psychiatry– Provider of mental health
  • Geriatrics – study of aging and disease in our senior citizen population
  • Nephrology – study of the kidneys
  • Neurology– study of the nervous system and brain
  • Orthopedics– specializes in structure and function of bones, could be a surgeon specializing in bone fixation

When should I start looking for a new practitioner?

There may be several personal and professional reasons why you would want to look for a new practitioner. The following is just a short list of reasons that would make you seek a new medical professional.

  • Replacing your current doctor with a new one because you are not happy with the one you have been using.
  • Changes to your health insurance due to life events; loss of job, gain of job, marriage, divorce, retirement, etc.
  • New concerning symptoms
  • Preventative medicine- for example seeing a dermatologist that will look over any unusual skin changes.
  • New diagnosis of a chronic disease

What chronic disease can be managed by a primary physician?

Primary clinicians help patients manage several acute and chronic disease states. They are the liaison to the rest of your healthcare. They advocate for your wellness and make decisions about when to refer you to a specialist. These practitioners provide an all-encompassing treatment plan that keeps their patients feeling their best. Many chronic diseases are also managed and monitored by a primary doctor. Diabetes can be monitored by checking a patients’ blood glucose level and making sure they are not suffering from secondary diabetic complications like foot wounds, neuropathy, and retinopathy. Hypertension is usually treated with medication and blood pressure is one of the common vitals that are taken as soon as you enter your providers office. Obesity can also be managed through discussion of diet and exercise, health resources, information on support groups, and monitoring weight gain/loss, as well as total cholesterol and a variety of other tests. The next couple illnesses are also managed and monitored by a primary clinician.

  • Sleep apnea
  • Thyroid disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Recurring allergies

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