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Is it possible to find a same or next day appointment?

Most guests utilizing our services can make an appointment with a top physician in their area within 24 hours of their initial search. This is partially due to the large number of featured physicians we have available through our website.

Will i be able to verify insurance coverage with doctors offices near me?

Our featured practices accept all commonly used health insurances.

How can i use your website to make all my appointments online?

You can easily confirm visits online directly through our website. Discover a practitioner who is local to you. Make sure the physician you are interested in can offer you clinic hours that fit your schedule. Then choose the clinician who fits all your medical requirements and read reviews so you can go in-person feeling confident about your decisions.

Will i be able to see a practitioner during after-hours or the weekend?

Many doctors’ offices are open Monday-Friday with office hours extending well into the evening for the convenience of the typical working schedule. There are also many medical practices that offer weekend availability with shortened in-office hours. Search and reserve a weekend or after-hours appointment through our website and get the care you need that fits your schedule.

Are there doctors offices near me offering virtual appointments?

Many practitioners allow patients to book a virtual visit for specified health concerns. This could be due to acute injury or illness that needs a virtual evaluation or a prescription refill that requires a quick conversation with your practitioner. If your clinician believes you should come into the practice for optimal treatment, you may have to book an in-person visit.

Is there a medical practice who can offer covid-19 diagnostic testing and vaccinations?

Many medical practices now offer Covid-19 diagnostic testing to all patients. Most facilities have the rapid test for symptomatic individuals and the PCR for asymptomatic patients. You can also be tested for a safe return to school or to travel. The Covid-19 vaccination is only available at select locations. Speak to your provider about their supply of the Covid vaccines as well as your eligibility for the booster shot.

What topics should i discuss with my doctor in order to prevent disease?

Everything. You should be able to discuss everything with your doctor. This includes any new uncomfortable symptoms such as pain, discomfort, or fatigue; have you recently started feeling “not like yourself?” tell your doctor immediately. You should also tell your practitioner if the medications you just began taking are making your feel sick, if you need help making healthy lifestyle changes, if you are having trouble sleeping, extra stress in your home life, or if you have recently been experiencing depression, sadness, or anxiety. All physical and mental factors can have serious impacts to your health. Don’t suffer in silence, talk to a trusted professional.

Can my doctor treat me for covid-19 in office or do i have to go to the hospital?

Most patients who are infected with Covid-19 have mild to moderate symptoms and can safely recover at home with self-care techniques such as rest, fluids, and OTC medications. Your doctor can give you advice and resources that can help ease your worries about resting at home. Your provider can also have you tested so you know that you must quarantine from the public to protect the people around you. Only go to the hospital for treatment if you begin to experience life-threatening symptoms like not being able to breath, cyanosis (bluing of the skin due to lack of oxygen), becoming unconscious, and severe pressure in your chest.

What items should i bring to my in-person appointments?

Bringing the appropriate documentation is the first step to receiving the best possible healthcare. Your practitioner can better treat you if they know your medical, surgical, and family history. Appropriate paperwork includes a government issued form of identification, insurance information, a list of medications you are currently taking, and any laboratory or imaging results. This helps all physicians develop a diagnosis and devise a treatment option plan that is best for you.

How can i take an active role in my care?

We encourage all patients to take an active role in their healthcare. It is imperative to feel safe, listened to, and comfortable with your treatment options while still respecting the professionalism, education, and experience or your physician.

  • Be involved in your health by taking part indecision making, complete your directives and give a copy to your physician, share special needs in treatment that are important to you, bring a trusted friend of family member to any appointment that you feel overly stressed at; they can help you better understand what is being conveyed.
  • Speak up if you have concerns or questions, if you feel rushed, demand the attention you need from your provider.
  • Identify yourself with the right patient identifiers, patient first and last name, date of birth, etc.
  • Ask all providers what they plan to do to you before any procedure or test is administered
  • Be sure to be honest about any medications you are taking or allergies you may have.

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