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Are same or next day appointment available with a Clinic Near Me Open?

Immediate medical centers are a great way to get treatment for minor injury or illness fast. Our large database of med centers gives each patient the advantage of finding same or next day appointment availability. Or walk-in for immediate care.

Are there Clinic Near Me Open with after-hours or weekend availability?

Most acute care facilities are open well into the night and on the weekends. You can use our website to find the location most convenient for you. Make same or next day appointments or simply walk-in for immediate care.

Can I verify patient satisfaction through online Google reviews?<< /h3>

Yes, our featured facilities have verified Google reviews. You can be confident verifying the credibility and satisfaction of each location you are interested in. You can even choose to book with providers that only have a 5-star rating. Confirmation of previous patient satisfaction is essential when booking online.

Is there a Clinic Near Me Open offering virtual consultations?

Many featured acute care centers do offer virtual visits. But only minor injury and illness can be treated completely virtual. As well as prescription refill for certain medications and any medical advice that may be needed. If your provider believes you need to come in-office for proper treatment, you will be notified during your initial virtual evaluation.

How can I use your website to make all my appointments online?

Manage your healthcare online and completely through our website. Find a location that is local to you and make sure they can offer you are available hours that fit your schedule. Then choose the provider that fits all your requirements and read verified Google reviews so you can go in-person feeling confident about your healthcare decisions. Once you have narrowed down the perfect provider, you can book and manage all aspects of your healthcare completely online

Can I get a COVID diagnostic test or vaccination at an acute care center in my area?

Most acute care centers do offer COVID diagnostic testing, and a few locations offer vaccinations. Most PCR testing is performed on asymptomatic individuals and the rapid test is usually performed on patients experiencing symptoms. You can be tested for a safe return to school, work, or travel or as a preventative measure if you have encountered a positive person or are experiencing symptoms yourself. Only select location offer vaccinations. But most locations can provide resources about the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccine.

If I test positive for Covid-19 can I be treated at a local urgent facility?

Ice should be applied to the injured area in the acute stages which is usually within the first 24-48 hours. Ice reduces inflammation and swelling by decreasing blood flow to the area. Heat is typically used after the initial infliction of injury; it increases blood flow and aids in the healing process by delivering blood and nutrients to the area. Heat is also good to use before exercise or physical activity to lower the possibility of getting hurt. Heat should not be applied to fresh surgical incisions as it could make the incision bleed.Most people who test positive for Covid-19 recover safely at home with mild to moderate symptoms with self-care techniques such as hydration, rest, and over the counter medications. Although you will not be treated at a local med center near you, they staff can have you tested so that you can safely quarantine and can also provide you with resources about Covid-19. Including self-care tactics, and troubling warning signs that may need emergency treatment. This includes trouble breathing, shortness of breath, cyanosis, or an extremely high fever.

If I have an STD will you be able to prescribe antibiotics as a cure?

STDs or STIs can be caused by either a bacterium or a virus there are many sexually transmitted infections that cannot be cured with the simple use of an antibiotic, but there are a few that can. That is why it is important to use prophylactics such as condoms anytime you are having sex. It will lower your chances of being infected with a sexually transmitted infection that cannot be cured.

The following can be resolved with an antibiotic:

  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Syphilis

The following cannot be cured only managed:

  • Hepatitis
  • HIV
  • Herpes
  • HPV

What lab tests are usually ordered at the time of initial treatment?

Your provider may order lab tests along with a physical examination for proper diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. The lab tests which are typically ordered for a patient include but are not limited to:

  • Urinalysis which gives the doctor a better idea of how well your kidneys are functions
  • Complete blood count does a qualitative and quantitative check of the red and white blood cells
  • Comprehensive metabolic panel
  • Lipid panel to keep your heart and vessels health

Will I have access to primary medicine at an medical center?<< /h3>

Primary medicine and disease prevention is also available at many facilities. Preventive medicine can help educate patients how to prevent future disease or injury. Or help people manage a serious chronic disease such as diabetes and secondary diabetic complications. You and your provider will review your medical history, have a conversation about current health risks or disease, talk about immunizations and vaccines, and discuss counseling about diet, physical activity, and limiting drug, tobacco, and alcohol use.

When should I go to an emergency room for my injuries or illness?

Knowing when to go to an emergency room is a great way to stay prepared for emergency situations and receive the fastest treatment you can. All providers give fast attention to any of life’s bumps and bruises. They offer quality therapeutics for common illness caused by cold and flu, ear/eye infections, strep throat, and mild gastrointestinal symptoms. Emergency rooms can also provide the same therapeutics for minor issues, but they also provide lifesaving interventions for major trauma victims.

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