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Are there Pregnancy Doctors Near Me with same or next day appointment availability?

Having such a large database of highly rated physicians makes it easy for patients to find and book same or next day appointments.

Are there Pregnancy Doctors Near Me with verified Google reviews?

Each featured providers have a verified Google review. You can be confident verifying the credibility of each physician you are interested in. You can even choose to book only physicians with a 5-star rating. Confirmation of previous patient satisfaction is essential when scheduling online.

Will I be able to book a virtual consultation with Pregnancy Doctors Near Me?

Many of our featured providers do offer virtual visits. But only minor injury and illness can be treated completely virtual. As well as prescription refill for certain medications and any medical advice that may be needed. If your provider believes you need to come in-office for proper treatment, you will be notified during your consultation.

What steps should I take to make my appointments online?

Manage your healthcare online and completely through our website. Discover a practitioner local to you and make sure they can offer you are clinic hours that fit your schedule. Then choose the clinician that fits all your requirements and read verified Google reviews so you can go in-person feeling confident about your healthcare decisions. Once you have narrowed down the perfect provider, you can choose and book the appointment right for you.

Are there any Women Doctors Near Me with after-hours or weekend availability?

Our large network of physicians allows each person to narrow down a practitioner with the availability best for them. Many practices have extended evening hours Monday-Friday for people that have a normal workday. Most obstetricians also always have a physician on call for emergencies during all hours of the night as well as weekends.

What is a healthy weight to gain while being pregnant?

It is very important to maintain a healthy weight during gestation. Woman who are of average weight before getting pregnant should gain around 25-35 pounds. Women who are underweight should gain 28-40 pounds and women who are overweight usually only need to gain 15-25 pounds. These guidelines are for one baby only, twins need additional calories because they are usually born premature and getting them to a healthy weight before birth is important. All the extra poundage while pregnant is due to weight of the placenta, amniotic fluid, breast tissue, extra blood supply, stored fat for breastfeeding, expanded uterus and the size of the baby.

What foods should I avoid while I am pregnant?

  • Fish high in mercury – mercury is a toxic element that has no known level of safe exposure. It is found in polluted water and can cause toxicity to your nervous system, kidneys, and immune system. It can also generate seriously developmental issues in children. Because it is found in polluted water large marine fish usually accumulate high amounts. High mercury fish include
    • Shark
    • Swordfish
    • Orange roughy
    • Marlin
    • Tilefish
    • Tune
    • Mackerel
  • Undercooked fish which can generate bacterial or parasitic infections with Vibrio, Salmonella, and Listeria.
  • Undercooked, raw, or processed meats which also harbor bacteria and parasites and can generate infection with Toxoplasma, E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella
  • Any food containing raw egg can be contaminated with Salmonella bacterium
  • Organ meats which are packed full of vitamins but too much preformed vitamin A can cause congenital deformities and/or miscarriage.
  • Caffeine is quickly absorbed through the placenta and can cause low birth weight
  • Raw sprouts which may also be contaminated with Salmonella
  • Produces which hasn’t been washed could be contaminated with bacteria and parasites
  • Unpasteurized milk, cheese, and juices can contain many harmful bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, E. Coli, and Campylobacter. Listeria has been linked to miscarriage. Some bacteria will affect the mother and cause digestion issues and dehydration, and some can affect the baby.
  • Alcohol impacts brain development and can cause miscarriage and stillbirth. Excess alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome and may lead to facial deformities, cognitive disabilities, and heart defects.
  • Processed junk food which isn’t good for anyone and contains no nutritional value

Why is it a good idea to take the vitamin DHA during while pregnant?

DHA is a type of omega-3 fatty acid and is important for health. We do not produce omega-3 fatty acids and so we need to get it from foods or supplementation. It is critical for health development of nervous system, brain, and eyes. It also helps maintain fertility and egg quality for people trying to conceive. Always speak to your doctor about supplementation during gestation.

What is colostrum and why is it so health for an infant?

Colostrum also known as “first milk” is the first form of milk produced by the mammary glands in mammals immediately following the birth of a newborn. It is more densely packed with nutrients and antibodies when compared to mature milk. It also contains growth factors and other bioactive compounds that help lay the foundation for a healthy gut microbiome. The extra antibodies also help the infant fight infection and other life-threatening disease.

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